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The Essential Potions Natural Skin Care Line is the creation of Tanya Moreau-Smith. For many years, she has formulated Potions using Natural Botanicals, Roots and Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals for helping with internal ailments and skin problems in both people and their pets. These early skin care potions included insect repellents, sun reflecting mineral compounds, petroleum free lip balms, fungus and Demadex herbal compounds, Eczema and itchy skin creams and Acne preparations. She also worked as a makeup artist for print and film after training with a retiring Revlon Master.

In 2006, after studying the ingredient lists of big name brand skin care products, Tanya was amazed at the list of Carcinogenic and other toxic chemicals being used in their formulations. Chemicals including depressants, formaldehydes and a host of various skin irritants. Filling the ingredients with inexpensive pore clogging petroleum products and even dangerous elements that made a product look pearly white and feel a certain way was the key to the ingredient lists, with no consideration as to what these chemical toxins were doing to the their customer's bodies. It became clear that there was a need in the market place for Tanya's healthy natural great working preparations, and so Femlogic, Inc. and the brand Essential Potions was born.

Essential Potions is topical Super Food to nourish every type of skin. We encorporate Aqueous infusions of Rainforest vines, tree bark, tea and other plants, butters, carrier oils and essential oils, powdered ocean and land plants, roots - herbs, silk, vitamins and minerals as well as peptides and bee products in our line of skin care products. These healthy natural anti-aging ingredients are formulated to moisturize and protecting the skin, while providing topical nutrition needed to accelerate cell regeneration. The appearance of wrinkles are diminished, healthy skin feels thicker due to increased blood flow, pore as well as capillary function. Your skin will look and feel revitalized. Pores shrink in size and skin texture becomes silky and refined. Signs of sun damage deminish as the skin is fed to generate new healthy cells. We are even having great success with feeding skin prone to acne, extreme sensitivity, eczema and psoriasis.

Essential Potions uses a wide variety of pure elements in our potions, providing the skin with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. derived from the natural sources - Nutrition vital for proper cell rejuvenation, healing and overall skin health. We also include cutting edge elements such as Copper Peptide and Ellagic Acid, Resveratrol, Salicylic Acid, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids. All elements included in our products are carefully selected for purity and safety.

Do you purchase and use big name mainstream skin care products because of their vast add campaigns? Do you believe that expensive products in fancy packaging is superior to all others, or assume that all products are created equally, so why not go for the least expensive? We urge you to think again...
Please take the time to read your ingredients, then refer to our Ingredient Glossary Page or look up the ingredients online. You'll be amazed at what you've been putting on your skin ergo into your bloodstream. Many skin care products that are full of chemicals label themselves as "Natural". The proof is in the ingredient list.

We make no medical claims. Our bodies have incredible restorative abilities. They simply require proper nutrition both topically and internally to function in a healthy way and heal problems. You take Vitamin C, Echinacea, a multiple vitamin or similar elements internally when you have a cold or just want to maintain your health, right? Your skin also needs a boost of nutrition when fighting off the affects of time, free radicals, environmental toxins, disease, bacteria, viruses, fungi, the drying affects of heating and air conditioning, etc. Skin problems? Mature skin issues? Our potions provide the nutritional needs of everyone's skin, delivered in a gentle time released natural way. Your skin CAN look and feel much younger, more vitalized, smooth and healthy. We know you're going to love our essential skin care products!

WHAT'S NEW - The company's newest launch are the Essential Breathing Pipes. While researching various essential oils and their uses in aromatherapy, Tanya was amazed at the number of benefits attributed to Peppermint Oil. A study funded by NSF and NASA showed the vapor's effectiveness on reducing stress, increasing physical ability and strength, reduction in fatigue, appetite supression and more. Tanya decided to find a method to effectively disperse the oil in a convenient easy to carry way. Her Essential Pipes offer not only a pleasurable experience, but offer terrific benefits to the user, from a stop smoking tool, to a dramatic reduction in caloric intake, stress relief, headache relief and much more. Visit our Essential Pipes section of the site to read about this and other study findings.


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Femlogic's Tanya Smith with Sampson the Kiger Mustang
Tanya with Sampson the Kiger Mustang

Femlogic Vice President Jeff Smith
Femlogic Inc. Vice President Jeff Smith with buddies Maximus the Pomeranian and Isabeau the German Shepherd

Essential Potions Dr Traig Trumbo DDC Marketing Consultant.
Dr. Traig testing Fish Lips Lip Balm

Femlogic Essential Potions president and consultant
Tanya and brother Dr. Traig Trumbo DDC - Femlogic Marketing Consultant

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Moreau-Smith, Femlogic CEO, Femlogic President Tanya Smith,
Femlogic Vice President Jeff Smith.
Essential Potions - Femlogic Founder inspired by ingredients in mainstream product to start natural skin care company.
Essential Potions - Femlogic Founder inspired by ingredients in mainstream product to start natural skin care company.
ESSENTIAL POTIONS skin care products - About the founder and company.

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